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April 1, 2016


Hello boils and ghouls, our cacophony of minions is fast at work assembling the first issue of LONG LIVE THE HORROR featuring coverage of horrorpunk / deathrock / punk / lofi /interesting dark bands world wide, plus horror movies both retro and contemporary. We're currently deciding between running a website and/or releasing a bi-monthly zine. Right now we're somewhere in the middle, and April fools day is as good a day as any to launch something so welcome to www.LONGLIVETHEHORROR.com


Currently we have ZOMBIE COCK as our OMINOUS NOISE of the month up for April 2016, so click that and go give those guys a follow. They're real SLC punks, not like that asshole Matthew Lillard.


Also, VIDEO NASTY for this month is Abel Ferrara's splattery 1979 classic DRILLER KILLER, so click on over there and give that a little bit of action.


Feel free to drop us a line (or a flatline) if you're interested in contributing to LONG LIVE THE HORROR by emailing us or via our Facebook.


Fangs for reading,

Phibes (Editor a.k.a. 'The Ed. Of The Dead')